Compassion Sunday | Darren Sharp

Compassion Sunday at Open Arms Church with Darren Sharp Preaching a message entitled "What Kind Of House Will You Build For Me". We are releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.

Alex Afolabi
Whose Feet Will You Wash? | PJ Booth

Anything Is Possible Series: Whose Feet Will You Wash?
God has called us to a life of service. When we serve and love, we follow the example Jesus gave when washed His disciples feet.

Alex Afolabi
He Will Bring You Through | Sean Booth

Sunday Sermon from Open Arms Church. You may be in a season where you feel trapped or stuck but there is no wall that God cannot break down and no mountain he cannot move. God will bring you through!

Alex Afolabi
#NOFILTER | Darren Sharp

We love to have things so polished and filtered before we want to come to God but God takes us as we are and moves us forward as we walk with Him!

Alex Afolabi