One Body Many Parts | Ben Miller
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Guest Speaker: Ben Miller from Bend Christian Fellowship in Oregon.

The Church is one body, united in Jesus and we all play many parts in that body. You are needed. You have a place to belong.

Alex Afolabi
We Are Real. We Are Family | We Are Open Arms
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This is a series all about who we are as a Church and who we are as a people.

It’s about the vision that God has given us and the people he has called us to be.

Open Arms is not a building, or a gathering, or an organisation. Open Arms is a Church and the Church is the people, and we gather together under the name of Jesus Christ.

We are real & we are family.

Alex Afolabi
Life Giving. Life Changing | We Are Open Arms
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Brand new series - WE ARE OPEN ARMS.


A powerful and inspirational message about who we are as a church and who we are as a people. We looked at the vision that God has given us as a church and the values that he's called us to live out as a community.

Alex Afolabi
On The Brink Of Breakthrough | Sean Booth

A message from our Lead Pastor Sean Booth: God wants to build a faith in you to help you believe that your battles are a platform for breakthrough. God can use your greatest giants as a platform for your biggest breakthroughs.

We are on the brink of breakthrough, breakthrough is coming!

Alex Afolabi
Compassion Sunday | Darren Sharp

Compassion Sunday at Open Arms Church with Darren Sharp Preaching a message entitled "What Kind Of House Will You Build For Me". We are releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.

Alex Afolabi
Whose Feet Will You Wash? | PJ Booth

Anything Is Possible Series: Whose Feet Will You Wash?
God has called us to a life of service. When we serve and love, we follow the example Jesus gave when washed His disciples feet.

Alex Afolabi