There are several ways that you can get connect into the life of Open Arms from joining one of our connect groups, completing our Next Steps class or being part of one of our OA Teams.

Next Steps is designed to be a place where you can learn more about the vision and heart of Open Arms, and also what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Our prayer is that you will grow personally, learn more about Open Arms and see where you can best get plugged in and be part of what we do as a church.

NEXT STEPS covers 3 areas over 3 weeks on the first, second and third week of every month.


Week One:



Become better acquainted with the story, structure, vision and values of Open Arms.


Week Two:



Discover what we believe as a church and what sets us apart from other religions and other churches.


Week Three:



Week three is all about you. We believe that God created us all uniquely. In week three you get the opportunity complete various personality and spiritual gifting tests which help you to look at how God specifically designed you. Here you can also learn more about how you can best get plugged in and become involved in the life of Open Arms or sign up to join an OA Team.