RISE Academy is NOT a GAP YEAR. It is not a year that focusses on relaxing and taking it easy, it is quite the opposite. It is a year filled with learning, growing and developing as a person in order to RISE into all that we are purposed for.

  • The RISE ACADEMY can be characterised by the following 5 words:

o  Expose

  • You will be exposed to environments that you may have never experienced. You will gain insight into the working world, and will learn from a staff team with a variety of skill sets. Being exposed to new things will enable you to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

o  Equip

  • You will be equipped for life as an adult. In many ways, school can become a safe environment; stepping into RISE Academy will cause you to learn how to budget, calendarise, plan, communicate and carry the weight of responsibility. You will experience many different types of pressures throughout the year that will bring the best and worst out of you; at the same time, you will be equipped to push through and allow every experience to be a building block for your future. This year will equip you to RISE above average.

o  Engage

  • RISE Academy will give you an opportunity to engage in church life; not just Sunday services, but all the mid-week behind-the-scenes activities. By serving for a year in the church, you will live a life that isn’t centred around you, but rather around the upliftment of others and the strengthening of the local church. The greatest honour in life is to be a disciple of Jesus, and this year will help you engage that journey more fully and grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus.

o  Excel

  • This year will aim to help you excel in your personal life by providing opportunities to learn, expand your mind, be mentored, develop accountability, focus on character development, learn life skills, engage in leadership opportunities and learn through relational development. We want you to be the best YOU that you can be and to live life by design, rather than simply by default.

o  Establish

  • By the end of the RISE Academy year, we hope that you will feel established in your purpose, calling, relationship with Jesus, understanding of the Church and your career path. The RISE Academy will help to answer questions like “Who am I?” and “What am I meant to do with my life?” This year will refine who you are; your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and your faith. This year will establish you and will become the launching pad for your future.




The RISE Academy starts on Tuesday, 3 September 2019 and ends on Friday, 28 August 2020.  



  • We understand that this year is a commitment and so you may be asking “What can I expect to get out of this year?”

  • Here is a list of the different skills you will acquire during your academy year:

o   Time Management

o   Calendar Planning (Incorporating Family Responsibilities, Social Time, Work, Rest, etc.)

o   Finance / Budgeting

o   Values (Punctuality, Integrity, Excellence, Follow Through, Perseverance, Focus)

o   Personal Presentation

o   Communication (Personal & Platform)

o   Conflict Resolution

o   Healthy Living (Exercise, Eating, Sleep)

o   Mentoring (One-on-One and from Leadership)

o   Relational Development

o   Spiritual Growth (Gifts, Disciplines) 


This is just a small snap shot of the skills you will gain during RISE Academy… there are many others that you will pick up along the way. We believe that many of life’s greatest lessons are caught, rather than taught. By working alongside different people, you will be exposed to a variety of skill sets and environments, all of which will aid you in acquiring a diverse range of proficiencies and life experiences.


What is the cost?


There is no cost for the year.

* The costs of conferences etc. will be covered by Open Arms Church.

* These costs do not include board and lodging should you come from outside of the area. Please feel free to talk to the Academy Director personally for more information.


How do I apply?


1.    Feel free to set up a meeting together with your parents and the Academy director if needed, in order to talk through any necessary details.

2.    Get an application form from the Open Arms website (openarms.ie) or collect one from Open Arms Church

3.    Complete the application form.

4.    Complete the reference forms

5.    Return the application and reference forms together to Open Arms Church by emailing it to candice@openarms.ie or by handing it to Candice Kieser.

- Application closing date:

  • Applications for RISE Academy will close on Tuesday, 6 August 2019. 

- Contact information: