Open Arms Academy exists to help you discover and develop the unique gifts and abilities that God has placed within you and put them to use in a local church setting. As an academy student you will be a key part of the team that makes everything happen in and through Open Arms.

As part of this program you’ll receive leadership training and one on one mentoring and coaching as you specialise in the specific area of your passion and gifting. Through this you’ll be directly involved in the planning and execution of vibrant weekend services for all ages, national conferences and many other exciting events within our local community!




The Academy will run from September 2018 - August 2019.


For who?


Open Arms Academy is for all ages! Whether you want to take a year out for transition year in school, a gap year before or after college or even a career break.


What is the cost?


There is no fee for The Academy.

Academy students will normally be expected to support themselves from part time employment or financial support.

Open Arms will be flexible and work with Academy Student’s to fit part time work around the Academy Schedule.


How do I apply?


Complete the application form below and attend an interview. Our next intake will be Summer 2019.