‘When’ Not ‘If’ | Greater Than (Christ In Colossians) | Pastor Sean Booth

If you’ve been living for any length of time, you will know that life is not easy. Challenges & difficulties are sure to come. So, how can you continue in your faith when everything seems to be against you? How would our lives change if we stopped thinking ‘if’ and started thinking ‘when’?… That when disaster strikes, we will have already resolved to remain steadfast in our faith, anchored to the truth of God’s word and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Join us as we continue diving into the Book Of Colossians to see how Jesus is Greater Than all. #openarms #churchonline #ireland #christianchurchesireland Stay Connected: Visit our website – https://openarms.ie/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/openarms.ie/ Instagram – @openarms_church Donate/Give – https://openarms.ie/giving

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